Streamline your QA Testing.

- Efficiently manage your test cases, test suites, test runs and reporting.
- Integrate with your favorite bug tracking and automation tools.
- Increase QA productivity with centralized test management.
- Achieve real-time reporting and stakeholder communication.

Intuitive Dashboard
Real-time, high-level metrics to help manage your day-to-day test operations.
Turnkey Integrations
Easy integrations with leading automation, communication and bug tracking tools.
Streamlined Test Runs
Fast and efficient test runs built for quick yet focused testing.

Accelerate your QA testing with QADeputy's leading test management solution! Built for today's small to medium-sized QA teams.

Powerful Test Case Management Features

QADeputy has all the features today's small to medium-sized QA teams need at a cost they can afford.

Powerful presets

We bundle over 150 different blending modes, giving you a dynamic range to create and inspire.

This is the only photo editing app that allows you to create unlimited layers for maximum flexibility. Preview, mask, hide, resize, rotate and adjust the opacity. See results instantly.

Our exclusive toolset will speed up your workflow and help you stay organized for future adjustments. Roll back to any previous state with ease. This is photo editing at its best.

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"You don’t take a photograph, you make it"

- Ansel Adams

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Blending modes


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I've tried many photo editors and this one is my favourite for its large selection of filters.



Easy to use

It's so easy to learn. I'm also using it on my new iPad Pro with out any issues. I love this app!




I absolutely love this app. I just got my first DSLR and using this app is so easy. Thank you!


Editors Picks

Test Cases

Centralize all your test cases under one complete test case management system. Have your system up and running in hours using our CSV/Excel import utility.


Easily configure integrations for top automation, communication and bug tracking tools like Jira,, Postman, Runscope, Ghost Inspector, Slack and more!


Dig into historical data with user, suite and execution history.

Test Suites

Organize your test suites and test plans so your entire team has the confidence that they are testing the latest and greatest features.


Our real-time dashboard gives you the high-level metrics required to manage your day-to-day test operations. eed more more nmor nore nier noera jdnkand.


Customize fields, statuses, reusable snippets, configurations, tags and more to save time while testing.

Test Runs

Streamline your test runs to allow test engineers to focus on what matters the most - fast, accurate and efficient testing.


Define your requirements, report on your requirements coverage and keep your QA team in-sync while testing. Need more more more more moe moe more.

Customer Support

Access full customer support, live, in person, email or phone or demo, et.c et.c cekjaldjlajfledjaldkjcl ajdlalckaljald.

Some of the companies that experienced our tours

"We integrated QADeputy with Reflect and doing daily smoke tests for our apps was made easier. With just one click, you get instant results of your test runs configured."
Kate A.
Sr. Software Quality Analyst
“Overall, QA Deputy has improved organization tremendously for our QA team. It has made testing more efficient. Besides helping QA, it has also provided visibility to the rest of the team via slack updates since they have an integration for it."
QA Lead

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