How Key Integrations Set QADeputy Apart

System integrations are a vital component of today’s QA testing environments. They boost automation, facilitate data sharing, and streamline the testing process. Plain and simple, when technology talks to each other, you will see your QA team’s efficiency and productivity improve. Of course, all the above only happens if the systems you integrate with actually […]

Why we built QADeputy

QADeputy appeals to so many users because it was built by today’s QA professionals for today’s QA professionals. As testers ourselves, we know exactly what today’s QA teams need when it comes to a test management solution. With so many test management products on the market, one might wonder why we decided to add another. The answer […]

Free Test Management Tool for Healthcare Software Providers

As a leading cloud test management software company, QADeputy has announced that its time-saving test management solution is now free for QA Departments at healthcare software provider companies. “Our goal is to help QA teams in every industry save time and money when it comes to managing their QA processes; however, in the current landscape, […]